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Enjoy Your Garden Without the Work

Enjoy Your Garden Landscaping

For years you looked forward to your dream retirement home. It had to have a lawn and garden-a big lawn and garden. Maybe you have spent the past couple of decades in apartments. Or maybe you had a small house with just a tiny patch of lawn and you’ve been dreaming of your “estate” in the country.

The Reality

Now that you’ve moved into your glorious country retirement home, you’ve realized something. Although you love looking at the lawn and gardens, you don’t have the flexibility or stamina for gardening that you formerly had. In fact, your indoor collection of orchids is about all the gardening you care to do.

It seems that just as soon as you’ve started on a painting or pulled out a new novel to read, you glance out the window and see that the lawn needs mowing. Again. Not to mention that all of those massive trees that look so beautiful are about to dump thousands of leaves for you to deal with.

If you’re felling overwhelmed, or would just rather spend your time doing other things, here is something to consider.

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The Fix

The answer for you might be to look into landscaping Glastonbury CT and see what is available to help keep your little piece of paradise in good shape.

Landscapers don’t have to do everything for you. You could just start with the chore you hate most and keep doing the other work yourself. If you have rosebushes and enjoy pruning them yourself, you don’t need to suddenly have a landscaper do it all.

Maybe you’ve decided the lawn isn’t so bad, but raking and shoveling are not for you. Most landscapers offer seasonal clean up services. Some even offer “hardscaping”, which means building walkways and walls.

Your yard can be the paradise you’ve dreamed of without the hard work-the perfect fix for a happily ever after retirement.

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