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Getting on the Transplant List

It is a pretty involved process and the people at the hospital say that once you get on the list, that still leaves you about three to five years to get a new kidney. I guess it takes less time if you need a kidney and a bladder, which I did not really understand. At any rate one of the first things I need to do is to find a dentist in Aurora CO to check out my teeth. The reason for this is really pretty simple. When you go on the anti rejection drugs that is going to suppress your immune system, to keep it from attacking the new kidney. So you have to start out completely free of infection. That includes gingivitis and gum disease and bad teeth in general. Any of that sort of thing like that is going to start running wild if your immune system is not there to stop it.

It is really a long process, even just to get on the list. Of course having a good health is essential, they test you to see how much stress you can take. They have a lot of criteria for the people that they want to give the limited number of organs to. It is pretty hard to think about it like this, but they are not going to give you one if you are knocking on heaven’s door. If you are too old or too sick, then it is fairly likely that you could die on the operating table or soon after. A healthy person is a lot more likely to survive the operation for a long time, which is another consideration. It is pretty difficult for a lot of people who simply are not young enough or fit enough to have much of a chance.

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