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I Wanted to Look Better Than I Did

I had been growing increasinly frustrated with all the lines appearing on my face due to me growing older. I had always wondered how I would feel about it when it happened, but I never thought that lines would make me feel bad about myself. That is exactly how I felt every time I looked in the mirror. I began wondering if ther was a place that would offer me botox in Denver at a decent price. I began to do research and think about whether I should do it or not.

I have never been someone who has worried too much about what I look like. Even when I was very young and all my friends were busy looking in the mirror or taking photos of themselves, I just didn’t care to do the same. I can think of many occasions where I would walk out of the house without running a comb through my hair first. I always sort of looked like a free spirited hippie becaust of it. And I felt happy that I was not obsessed with makeup or all the other things that my friends spent so much of their time on. I was free to do other things with my time.

When the lines began showing up, I regarded them as okay at first. They weren’t very deep, and I didn’t have too many of them. But as soon as I hit my forties, my face began to age so quickly. I did not feel ready for it at all. I felt like everyone was looking at me. I began to feel depressed. It was really frustrating and embarrassing. I decided to get Botox and it is one of the best things that I have done for myself. It took years off my face and I look healthy again.

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