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Seeing a Specialist Helped Me to Have Beautiful Skin

It took a Los Angeles dermatologist helping me to finally fix my skin issues. I had spent decades of time from my teens through my thirties trying so many different products, and nothing I used was a permanent solution. I talked to people to find out what they were doing about their acne issues. I read as much as I could. There were plenty of things that work temporarily, but nothing gave me a final solution. Nothing gave me the clear skin that I longed for and needed in order to feel better about myself.

The acne issue started up when I was just 16 years old. Three days before my sixteenth birthday, I woke up with five pimples on my face. I was mortified because my mom was throwing a big party for me. They grew worse every day, and on the day of my birthday itself, I had pimples filled with white pus all around my nose. I asked my mom if we could call off my party, but she said that I had to stand tall in times of adversity. None of my guests said anything out loud, but I noticed their eyes wander to the areas around my nose that looked so scary to me. I was highly embarrassed. The problem only grew worse from there.

In the years that followed, I had to deal with breakouts that covered my cheeks, chin and nose on a daily basis. Covering them with makeup only helped a little because you could still see the large bumps underneath the makeup. I was embarrassed. Boys didn’t like me in terms of anything but a friend. No one asked me to prom. No one asked me out on dates when I was school. This went on for years, until I finally took control this year with a doctor’s help.

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