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Setting Up a Home Office

Setting Up a Home Office

Whether by necessity or by design, setting up a home office takes a little bit of planning to make sure that you maximize your space and create the most efficient work area as possible. Few people have the luxury of setting up an office in a room entirely dedicated to work and away from the family noise. Most people must make the best of what’s available.

Desk Height

Even if you find yourself working in a closet or the guest bedroom, it’s imperative to do your work at a desk of the proper height. Don’t settle for a card table or TV tray table which are frequently too high or too low for comfort. There are plenty of high-quality pre owned desks that will allow you to adjust the height so that your forearms are parallel to the floor with very little up or down movement to your wrists when you type.  Getting the right desk height can prevent keyboarding fatigue.

Chair Comfort

If you’re using your kitchen chair as a desk chair, it may be time to upgrade to one that is comfortable for long term use. A good chair should have adjustable arms and height. It should also provide lumbar support. Not every chair is comfortable to every body type, so make sure to test drive anything before you buy.

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Proper Lightening

Natural lighting is great but can create a glare. If you have a window in your home office, hang some light-filtering shades. A good overhead light is best. It should be bright enough so that you can read what’s on your desk without straining. If you need an additional work lamp, try to position it so the light doesn’t bounce off the monitor.

Paying attention to a few important basics can greatly improve your work-at-home experience. Once you get those in place, you can move on to dealing with crying babies or barking dogs.

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