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The Feeling of Sexual Healing

My wife and I were having some problems in our sex life many months ago. We used to have sex every day, but over time our routine shortened to every other day, and then to once a week, and then to once a month. We asked a counselor for advice and she said that although our regular health was fine, we had to make sure that the sexual health in relations was also up to par. I thought she was talking about my sexual organs, and I told her that I had a physical the month before, but she was talking more about the intimate nature of our relationship.

In order to bring the health back into our sexual relationship, my wife and I tried some techniques that we found online. These techniques were designed to get us back into the mood to have sex more often. We added more foreplay into our relationship, which my wife loved because I would spend a lot of attention on her neck. Her neck is one of her most sensitive areas, and when I kiss it and caress it, she goes absolutely nuts. For me, the sensitive area is my chest, and my wife can rub me in just the right way.

In our quest for more sex, we also tried something a little more experimental. We went to a local shop and bought some adult toys. My wife and I couldn’t help but laugh at the toys as we looked through them. Once we actually tried the toys, our laughter turned into pleasure. We returned to our regular routine of having sex daily, and even increased beyond that, having sex multiple times a day. Sometimes we are both out of energy from working all day, but can still muster up enough energy to have sex.

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