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Chronic stress is powerful: Left unresolved, it has the ability to destroy our overall health and wellness. Although stress is a normal part of living, when it is sustained for long periods of time it becomes chronic, leaving our mental and physical health vulnerable to its ravages.

The Ruins Left Behind by Chronic Stress…
Unfortunately, stress not only affects the way we feel, it also affects our bodies on a physical level. It can actually disrupt the normal functioning of everything from your heart to your sleep patterns.

The body responds to stress in the form of headaches, chest pains, upset stomach, insomnia,muscle tensions, and fatigue. We may feel that our bodies are responding to sickness or a whole host of other things unrelated to stress: when in reality, chronic stress has many symptoms. Sometimes, stress can create so problematic symptoms that a tumor marker test becomes necessary.

Chronic Stress Hurts Our Feelings…
Stress not only affects our bodies, it also affects the way we feel emotionally. Some of the symptoms of emotional duress caused by stress are irritability, anger, depression, lack of motivation, withdrawal, over and undereating, and feelings of being overwhelmed. When you combine the emotional and physical effects of chronic stress it’s easy to see how serious unresolved stress sustained for long periods of time can be.

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Finding Our Way Back…
Once you become aware of stress as the culprit, you must become your own ambassador of wellness. Take inventory of your life in order to identify stress sources. Once identified, get rid of all unnecessary sources of stress and find ways to manage the sources of stress that you can’t get rid of. Stress management can have many different forms and should be highly personalized. Find things that are relaxing and stress-relieving for you on an individual level. This is all a part of self-care. Monitor your stress often by taking the time to slow down. Make adjustments to what you are doing, as needed, as a way of continually handling stress in the present moment.

The answer is simple. Chronic stress spells trouble for your wellbeing, both mentally and physically. It is essential to find ways of both eliminating and diminishing stress levels before they become out of control. After all, our health is truly our wealth.

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