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Why I Needed to See a Dentist

When I moved to Greenwood Village, I knew that I needed to find a dentist. I had been having a slight pain in one of my teeth, but I did not want to have any work started where I used to live because it is over 400 miles away. I figured since the pain was not bad, I could just wait a few weeks until I got settled in and then I could find a dentist. Thankfully, the pain did not get any worse, and I was able to do a search for a dentist in 80111 zip code area as soon as my Internet was up and running.

I did not just want to pick and choose the first dentist that I came across. I take my oral health very seriously, and I wanted to feel comfortable with the dental practice that I was choosing even before I walked through their front door. I knew I had found that once I started reading the website for Smile Essentials. I was able to read about the two dentists there as well as their staff, and I also was able to see all of the services that they offer. The most important part was that they were accepting new patients too.

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I was happy about that, especially because they were able to see me the same day that I called. The dentist was surprised that I was not feeling more pain with the tooth that was causing me trouble because there was a lot of damage to it. She ended up putting a crown on it, and I have not had any problems since then. I do go back every six months for a cleaning and examination, but I have a feeling it will be a long while before I need to have major work done again.

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